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Grant, Hart & Barrett

Love these people.  What a fun session!  Twin boys, baby ‘bear’, beautiful mom – inside and out.  LOVE her cute boots!View full post »

Avery, Alex & Libby

Look at this girl!!  Avery is such a gem.  I love how this first image captured her dimples and sweetness.  She is a doll.  Alex –View full post »

Jeremy & Andrew

Jeremy stole my heart a while back.  His mom and dad are two of the sweetest people I know.  Big hearts.  Huge.  Love just oozes out ofView full post »

Dominic & Johnny

Darling boys.  They were so good for me.  Tender.  Charming.  And Dominic’s eyes – they sparkle like none I’ve ever seenView full post »

Colin & Kaitlin

Sweetest little kids.  They did so well.  Each has their own beautiful look – each their own darling personality.  Its amazing howView full post »

Matilda Jane

If you are unfamiliar with Matilda Jane Clothing line, look at this CUTENESS below.  These charmers belong to the local trunk keeper.  YouView full post »

Lucia & Nicholas

Sweet. Baby. Boy.  And his darling older sister….by just 15 months.  The lips.  Oooohh the lips!  I want some, too!  But it looks asView full post »


My husbands aunt & uncle….with their kids, grandkids.  Everyone was in for Thanksgiving weekend and their kids gave them thisView full post »


Handsome, kind, smart, sincere, polite.  Ben has the whole package ladies!  He told me the fancy name for the markings on his leftView full post »

Alexander & Eleanor

Sweet little Eleanor turned one!  Alexander is the most adoring older brother.  Darling kiddos.  Their eyes are stunning!  Not to mention,View full post »

Alan & Libby

We had to reschedule this shoot at least twice because of the weather.  It was worth the wait.  Rocky River Park on Lake Erie, sunsetView full post »


There are countless things I’m thankful for. I would like to take a moment to reflect on just a few.  So very thankful for myView full post »