Sam will be three at the end of August.  Finn’s running buddy and as Finn says, “my best friend.”  I cannot get over how much this little guy has changed in the last year.  Growing so tall and slimming.  Our boys are getting so big!!

Sam is an amazing musician.  Love his sweet, tender self.  I had to get some of him with his lovey, sucking his thumb and those long lashes/chubby cheeks.  The sweet little things that I will remember of Sam at 3.

He is quite the performer!

The sad face.

Happy Birthday Love!

  • Mary - You captured the real Sam…..Thanks! I know it’s a challenge. Your patience was truly appreciated. 🙂 Mary Swank

  • admin - He is fine! He’s a 3 year old boy – my Finn was the same way! : ) Sam is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing him with me.

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