August is flying by.  Little late on my blog entry here, you think??  Better late than never.  31 photos, as promised, of our family in July.  Barely edited – so nothing glamorous.  Just fun shots of my kids that I’ll want to remember, always.  Playing in the play room, sleeping, bath time.  Things I take for granted every day and rarely capture.  With Miles turning one 8/17 – I had to get some of these.  Where does the time go?

Tried to make mohawks on both of them, but Finn’s hair is too long.  LOL

Love his sweet little hand in this shot.

How did I get Finn to wear big boy pants this year?  Buy some with ‘George’ on them.  : )  Monkey pants for my monkey boy.

Love, love this baby.

More of Miles than Finn this time – only because I had to capture Miles napping.  I sit and stare at him while sleeping, in awe.  Just like I did with Finn.  So beautiful.  So sweet.  Such a miracle.  Love his little hand in this one.

George keeps watch.

And YES!!  They bloomed.  You could smell them 20 feet away.  I wait all spring/summer for this week.  Love my lilies.

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