Miles turns 1

My baby is turning one tomorrow.  Around 10:58pm.  Emotions flood my heart tonight.  Where has the time gone?  If you’d ask me tonight if I wanted another baby I’d say yes.  Even though I’m completely excited for Miles to be ready for camping, swimming, traveling.  There is a small part of my heart that sighs when I try to cradle him and his legs are falling off my lap…already.

We have a great celebration planned for tomorrow evening.  I’ll share photos once I catch up.  I also have more from Miles’ 1 year photo session to share, but too tired tonight.  So just this one.  The one where I want to reach in and grab him.  How I will always remember my sweet baby.

Miles loves music.  He is entirely ticklish – everywhere!  He loves to snuggle (thank heavens).  He is very laid back, easy going and is much more quiet than Finn (usually).  Well, hard for anyone to say anything when Finn’s around – he’s always talking!! Lol.  Miles adores Finn.  They already wrestle and play.  I love watching them together.  Miles has a million different faces that all make me laugh.  As Shane once said – he’s like having a guinea pig…you just look at him and giggle.  His name, Miles Asher, means ‘soldier of happiness’.  I could not say it better.  Miles has brought unlimited amounts of joy to our home.  So thankful to have him in our family.  Thank you, Lord, for blessing us with this sweet, sweet boy.  Happy birthday Love.


  • bessie - Laura, this is so beautiful…I’m all teary! Miles is so sweet, both your boys are, and lucky to have such amazing parents! Happy Birthday Miles!

  • Bessie - Laura,this is so beautiful…I’m all teary! Miles is so sweet, both your boys are, and blessed to have such amazing parents!Happy Birthday Miles!

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