Birthday boy.  I finally had time to edit a few from his session.  Although, being the crazed photographer mommy, I’m thinking there will be another shoot because I have more brewing in my head.  Here is our little love.

Got this little boat from Besserina.  She’s awesome.  Was super excited to use it.  Then Smiles wouldn’t even look at me.  Lol.  Go figure – can get the attention of every other kid except my own.  Then just when I finally DID get him to look it was only because he was surprised – that he peed on the set.  {which has been sanitized/scrubbed}

I would love to get a great eyelash shot of him – but hard to do on blondie boy.  Too bad because he has gorgeous lashes!!

I’m sure I’ll see plenty more of this face as he gets older – angry.  Lol.  Maybe even when I put him in another 4 outfits and 5 sets in an hour.  ; )  He’s still cute – even when he’s mad. : ) : )

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