MJ Photo Love Contest

‘Tis the time again for the fabulous Matilda Jane PhotoLOVE contest!  This year I used the most beautiful little girls, who belong to our local MJ rep as my models.  Head to toe cuteness.  Dying over these.  I love the colors.  So rich and soulful.

Point being….I need your feedback.  We have to submit a photo by 10/31 and so in the next few days I’ll be listening to YOUR voice on which image should be my submission.

Thank you!!

  • Nicola - I love all of them – they are beautiful. The colors too are amazing!!! I love the one of the two girls sitting on the train looking at each other, laughing! and the one of the little girl on the red train (#5) and love (#4) too, such beautiful girls! Hard to pick just one!!

  • Jamie - I like #2 the one of both the girls sitting on the train but I really love the one of the 2 girls on suitcases behind the train that is hazy…..I think that one is my favorite!!

  • Joan Schrader - 1628 is amazing! Those eyes!
    All are lovely, thought.
    1742 and 1703 are also favorites.
    Good Luck!

  • Amanda Goodwin - LOVE #3!
    I wouldn’t do the headshot one/s because the full body shows more MJ products (not sure if they use these for advertising?) and not the hazy one because I think these are all about the COLOR of the Character Counts line that you so brilliantly captured here!
    Hope you win! 🙂

  • Amanda Goodwin - On second look… 1628 and 1515. And the #3 I’m referring to is 1617 😉

  • Bessie - Beautiful! My favorite is the second one. And is that a MJ QUILT??? Good Luck! 🙂

  • Julie Field - number four and five are my favorites! They are all beautiful though!

  • Angela - Photo # 7 – The big, brown eyes are speaking. All beautiful children indeed.

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