This is ‘our’ Jessica.  But if you ask a few other little boys (friends of ours), they would claim the same.  You see Jessica is one of the hardest working teenagers I know.  She home schools herself and nanny’s for not one, but three families.  She’s with us every Tuesday and if I’m correct, she is with someone every Monday – Friday (on top of school….and working at the gym in the evenings). Thankfully the other two families are friends of ours.  But if we ever want to all go out on a date night, we have to pick straws on who gets Jess.  ; )

Not only is she motivated, but she is (obviously) beautiful.  So VERY intelligent.  Humble.  Tender.  Caring.  Honest.  I could go on….

Finn asks every morning what is going on – is it a school day, mom?  And on the days Jess is coming, he immediately cheers – Whoohoo!!  My kids adore her.  And for that reason (and many more), so do I.  My kids are not your ideal children.  They have quirks (to say the least).  She took the time to get to know them.  To win their love.  She cared.

So now our sweet Jess is graduating.  : (  Although I’m thrilled for her, a small part of me is dreading the fall and wondering where college will take her.  She will forever be a part of our family.  Forever in our hearts.  We love you!

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