Christmas Cards

Its getting to be that time of year!  My kids are so excited to see lights, trees and decorations at the stores!  And I must humbly admit that their excitement has me yearning to decorate the house for Christmas before Thanksgiving!  : )

Every year I purchase card templates – either one for my own family, or a set. This year I purchased a set from Angie Monson – uber talented photographer/designer in UT.

You can view the card options on her website linked HERE.

Clients – if you’d like me to design your cards this year, please choose a template.  Either from Angie or from my previously posted options.  Let me know which one you like, how many and I’ll do the rest!  If you have specific images you’d like to use, please share that too.

My costs include shipping and are printed with the best printer in the USA – Miller’s Lab.  Guaranteed quality, color and service.  They will ship to your door.  Standard white envelopes included.

You can view pricing in my page HERE.

Thank you! : ))


Our card from last year….



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