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For years I’ve offered mini-sessions to families, primarily in the fall and the last few years in the spring, too.  With my one son in school and the other starting pre-school this fall I want to be sure that my fall schedule allows me to be there for them.  I missed things last year because I was so blessed with lots of work…which I am SO thankful for.  This year I”m starting fresh and trying to find a way to deliver a similar product to my valued clients while giving my family deserved attention during the busy “back-to-school” season.

My solution is to offer ‘mini-sessions’ every month between April and November. They’ll fall on a Friday night with rain dates only available on Sundays.  Please keep those Sundays flexible as we all know Ohio weather can be a little less than desirable.  ; )  I will not be able to make up the sessions at a later date.


  • Friday evenings
  • 45 minutes with me
  • 15 images professionally edited and digitally delivered in color and mocha finishes
  • Printing release
  • Cost $250.

April 25th:  Pufferbelly Restaurant in Kent – brick road, train car, tracks, colorful walls, old doors, etc.  This will be an urban shoot – I see bold color clothing, patterns, textures.  I’ll bring my antique radio & guitar along with a few other fun props. – SOLD OUT

May 16th:  Downtown Hudson – 1st & Main Center.  I believe this will be before their busy summer nights start – but we’ll confirm as we get closer (schedules aren’t posted).  I’m envisioning spring dresses, suspenders with trousers, flowers (they’re always so good about decorating), and maybe a picnic blanket on the green with snacks/wine.  SOLD OUT

June 13th:  Country Maid Creamery/Apple Orchard.  Ice cream cones.  Casual attire. Giggles.  Silliness.  Summer fun!  I’ll bring my oversized glasses and mustaches.  3 OPEN

July 18th:  Virginia Kendall Lake.  If you have a dog – bring it!  Picnic.  Oreos.  Bubbles.  I just love this location….I know some have been here before, but it is so pretty in summer that I keep coming back!  SOLD OUT

August 1st:  Downtown Chagrin Falls. Darling ice cream shop.  Popcorn.  Bright, bold colors.  Candid family – urban images.  SOLD OUT

September 12th:  Field of yellow flowers over in Peninsula.  Given we have dry ground…I’ll bring my teepee, quilt and green velvet chair.  Gorgeous location…romantic, summery, amazing colors.  SOLD OUT

October 3rd:  Brecksville Reservation.  I used this location a lot last year and LOVE it.  Running shallow creek, tall trees in fall foliage.  Bridge.  I see kids in mud boots, fishing pools/sticks, throwing rocks, sitting on logs, etc.  More of an outdoorsy shoot – vests, boots and maybe even some mud.   : )  If you have a thermos for hot chocolate – bring it with mugs & marshmallows.  SOLD OUT

November 7th:  Christmas Tree Farm.  Garland, sled, gifts, decorations, festive, fun!  Outdoor, probably chilly (scarves, mittens, hats, etc) and maybe even some snow?!  Themed to be holiday colors and decorations.  Another fun location for a thermos of hot chocolate to share!  SOLD OUT


There are three slots for eight months – 24 total.  Which is a little less than the number of mini-sessions I typically do between spring/fall.  So please let me know what date/time slot you’d like ASAP.  They typically fill quickly.  I won’t be offering any additional dates.

Since I don’t have times ironed out yet (will have to watch the sunset calendar) please state whether you’d like first, middle or last session for that evening.  They’ll start around 3 hours before sunset.

I always offer the full family sessions, but will be limiting the amount I do each month so I can keep up on my work flow.  They’re a great alternative that give you a relaxed evening with me, posed and artistic images as well as time for an outfit change if you like.  Themed and location chosen to fit your preference.  If you are hoping to get on my calendar – its never too early!  I’ll be shooting on Tues. and Thurs. evenings.

Thank you for your understanding and support though this change!  I really feel it will be a improvement for all.  Lots of fun choices, locations and dates to choose from!  I’m so thankful to have such amazing clients and I hope to see you all throughout the year!

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