Miles Asher

The formal introduction.  Seriously, I cannot help myself.  So please accept my apology in advance for posting 42 photos of my new son on my blog.  I promise, I won’t do this to you again.  But I have only been out of the house 3 times in 3 weeks – so what else is a girl to do?  Besides, I love him.  I love, love him.  I may have to share some of him with his brothers (which I hope to get in the studio this week) but I promise it won’t be this many.  : )

I have learned a few things about Miles in the last 3 weeks.  He has a dimple above the right side of his lips.  He likes to lay on his back or side…hard to get those adorable curled up shots of this kid.  He would have nothing to do with tummy time…so none of the fun hand under chin poses either.  He loves to stretch his very long self out.  He is very patient with his crazed photographer mother.  He was over “cooked” so his skin is peeling.  He has a wee bit of a temper (which I’ll go ahead and blame on dad ; ).  His feet are softer than silk.  Oh yeah – and his head has that yummy newborn smell.  He is 100% sweetness.

These two crack me up.  The first one he says “mom, what are you DOING to me!?!?”  The second says “haha – jokes’ on you!”.

My little eskimo.

Snuggle bug

By the looks of this face…I can tell he’ll be ornery!!

Tiny little feet (lol).


Love the lips…not sure where he got them, but LOVE them!

My not so little peanut.  He already fills my little wagon.

And in my humble opinion – I saved the best for last!  These four will be showcased in gallery wraps above his crib.  Love them!

Think I wore him out.  🙂

  • Nicola - Laura, these are truely amazing photos!! Miles is a perfect model!!!! I love the one of him in the bucket! In fact I love all of these photos!!! Beautiful!!

  • Carolyn - Laura he is absolutely perfect!!! Loved all the pics but that one towards the end with that little smile on his face made my heart squeeze!

  • Jennifer Peters - So much cuteness in one little package! I loved every picture.

  • Janice Hanusik - Laura
    He is such a beautiful baby…there are to many cute pics to pick out a couple of favorites, I love them all, and you do fantastic work….thanx for sharing your little guy with us.

  • Bev Badger - Laura, These photos are simply beautiful. What a adorable baby he is. Enjoy!!!!

  • Heidi - How adorable…i think he’s going to look more like Shane. You just keep getting better and better! It appears that Miles allowed you lots of practice time, too!

  • Debbie Case - Oh Laura! Just WAY TOO CUTE!!!!! Miles IS a beautiful baby!

  • Michelle Badger - LOVE the pictures! He is adorable! That boy must sleep ANYWHERE! You have so many great props, but he is so beautiful that I immediately am looking at him. LOVE the pail pic it’s my favorite. He is so awake, alert and starring at his mama.

  • Tom - Great pictures Laura! You have an amazing eye and talent for capturing some truly precious moments. Enjoy him everyday!

  • Tom - Great%20pictures%20Laura!%20%20You%20have%20an%20amazing%20eye%20and%20talent%20for%20capturing%20some%20truly%20precious%20moments.%20%20Enjoy%20him%20everyday!

  • Lynn Mulder - What a beautiful bundle he is Laura. Your photographs are outstanding. Just want to pick him up, hold him , hug and kiss him, for a very long time. Hope you are resting well and enjoying your days with your wonderful family. (I’m sure you are worn out plenty of the time too :-}, but oh, what joy!)

    Love to you all,

  • Jenn - i was wondering where the knitted cocoon-type things were from, (or maybe someone made them? They are so cute with babies in them! 🙂 Also, your work is AMAZING! Love it all!

  • admin - Thank you, Jenn! A very talented friend of mine does the knitting for me – she is working on a website. Let me check with her to see if its up and running then I will post it for you. : )

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