This beautiful family lost not one, but two babies in 2012.  A baby boy they planned to adopt and the unexpected pregnancy of their own, little Cameron.  The heartache was too much.  More than any person should have to bare.

They found their way through that dark time.  Eliana (big sis) kept them going along with their dreams to one day have a big family.

Last year they got a call…Atreyu was waiting for them.  Bundle of joy…sweetest little ham.

Then as they were moving into a new home this spring, they received another call.  Eliana’s biological sister was making her way into their hearts and home.  Malia.  She is perfection.

Three little loves under 3 years old.  : )

From losing two babies at birth, to adopting two babies this year….it is beyond wonderful to see them smile again.  To see their home filled the way they once dreamed it would be.  I love this sweet family.  They are full of love.  They emanate love.  They inspire others with all their abounding LOVE.

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