What beauties!  Ainsley is the most polite and mature 2 year old I have ever met.  She did AMAZING.  Such a love…and even held her little sister all by herself!  And Amelia…she is a mini-me of her older sister (from what I can tell).  Her skin is perfection.  Sometimes with newborns a photo ‘finish’ is necessary to help hide any imperfections as new skin shows everything.  But this nugget…I was able to edit her photos as they were.  I put a finish on a few for fun…but she certainly didn’t need it.

Mom & Dad are gems, too.  They are moving to a new city this weekend….yes, weeks after having a new baby.  But they will now be closer to family…which I’m sure will be a huge blessing & help.

Loved my time with these people!  I am so blessed to have such amazing clients.

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