What’s the difference?

Normally, I don’t post things about my service….I’m not good about tooting my own horn.  But I stumbled upon this example and thought I’d quickly share.  When you hire me, you aren’t just hiring a quick photoshoot and batch editing.  I custom edit each individual photo you receive.  I closely look at many things in the image and even use paintbrushes in photoshop to add/delete specific things to make the image as perfect as I can in my eyes.

I asked a dear friend, who has become a recent photo enthusiast, if she would be so kind to take images of my boys & I together.  I have family images, but they are at such precious ages that I just wanted to capture us…playing, smiling, tickling, running, kissing…  She did an amazing job.  I helped put the settings on her new camera such that I knew I would have something to work with…and she had the talent to frame it.

This image was a favorite of mine.  We brought these little boats to float down the stream.  They were hard to see in most of the images….but this one worked.  I wanted to make them the focal point, so I cropped the image in order to do so.  That, along with multiple other things, were done in programs in order to bring the image to life and look like the one below.

So when you hire me, you are not just hiring a good eye and a nice camera.  You are hiring a trained eye, that pays attention to detail.  You are hiring a seasoned software specialist who knows the ins and outs of shadows, light, color, composition.  You hire a professional who will take a great image and make it superb.  A lot of time, energy and money goes into making a photo look crisp, clean and current.  Photography changes with the seasons.  Any good photographer is a follower of fashion….and is aware of the flow and changes of the industry.

I work hard to keep my equipment updated. Trying new softwares, lenses, and techniques.  Constantly reinvesting in my business to have the images look fresh. Client satisfaction in my main goal.  Nothing is more rewarding than hearing back from a customer that loves their images and is printing them to enjoy throughout their home.  A lot more goes into the photography industry than one would think….but I love the challenge.  And THATs the difference.  : )

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