Craig, Zach, Rylan & Parker

I’m back.  I have to admit, when I realized my first session would be 4 boys – I was wondering what I got myself into.  But these boys are exceptional.  They amaze me and I can only hope my boys turn out to be as sweet, cooperative and fun as them.  Each of them is gorgeous yet they all have their own unique look and personalities.  I had so much fun getting back in the studio.  I have two other sessions to edit/post – but as you can imagine, the editing is taking me longer because I just don’t have the steam to stay up till the wee hours of the night like I used to.  I’m only booking two sessions a week for now – till Miles decides it a good thing to sleep at night.  : )  I’m booking into mid/late October right now – so if you’re waiting to book for holiday cards contact me soon!

I LOVE this photo.  How sweet are they…and the baby, totally hanging out with the big guys.

Rylan totally took one in the face from Parker.  Parker managed to grab his hair too – poor Rylan, we were all telling him to lay still for the photo!  : )

First up is Craig.  What a gentleman.  He is sweet, yet masculine.  He is a football player, yet cruises the slopes on a snowboard.  My guess is he’s good at everything.  And so humbly sweet about it.  He’ll make a great daddy some day.

Next up is Zach.  This guy loves the camera – the camera loves him.  He’s a natural – some people just have it.  He’s sure of himself, but not in a conceded way.  Just a sweet, approachable, fun-loving guy.

This one is so sweet – he was looking at his mom.  You can tell she is wonderful – to wrangle 4 boys and have them all turn out this well.  I would call her a saint.  : )

Rylan.  I have a feeling this guy knows how to fly under the radar.  He’s quiet, sweet – yet the eyes.  There is a hint of ornery in these eyes!!  I think he’ll be the President some day.

So tough…he was killing me with the poses.

Baby Parker.  These parents make some seriously CUTE kids!  Check out his amazing eyes.  They’re like 5 different colors.  He’s another charmer.  He could have whatever he wanted if he were mine.  It was so fun to watch him with his brothers – I don’t think he realizes that he’s younger than them.

Apparently my props are pretty yummy.


When he was done….he was DONE.

What a fun family – thank you for making my first day back the best!

  • Lisa LeMasters - Wow, Laura you are amazing. How you perfectly captured them. I love each and every one these!!!!

  • Craig - Great job! Thanks for the photos, the kids will be real easy to sell on ebay!!! He!He! I’m blessed to have them and even more blessed to have Lisa.

  • (Grama Bobbi) Glenna Englehart - WOW! These photos are priceless! And the captions underneath so describes their personalities.It shows their true family fun loving and caring uniqueness.

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