Families  We get family photos every year.  I never regret it.  The kids change so fast…and life is far too short.  Keepsake albums are the perfect way to beautifully document your images, as well as having photos for Christmas cards, enlargements, school projects, family gifts, etc.  I usually find one piece of the wardrobe that I love and build everyone else off of it.  I have style guides posted on my Pinterest page if you’d like some inspiration.  We will choose a location that suites your family.  I’m happy to help you style the session…clients text me photos of their outfit selections all the time.  Or if easier, just bring options and we can pick stuff out before we get started.  Sessions are done with either morning or afternoon light.

Newborns   Such a precious and sweet time to capture!  Brand new babies are best to work with 5-10 days old.  I will have them diapered in a wrap for most of the shoot, so please do not plan clothing unless it is for sibling photos or sentimental.  Dress them in something light (onesie) that is easy to take off when we get started.  Please do a little manicure on yourself as your hands will be photographed with the baby.  It is best to book this session while you’re pregnant, preferably 2 months in advance.  I save limited slots for newborn sessions each month.

Newborn sessions are done in the comfort of your home with lifestyle photography images.  Most common areas to use are the master bed, comfy couch that holds everyone, by a bright window, nursery and on a wood floor (if you have one) with a solid wall behind (for older siblings…if any).  Don’t worry about your home not being a certain size, style, decorated, clean…I’ve worked around just about everything. : )

We will keep your baby diapered/wrapped in areas that are not easily washable.  Its nice to get a few naked images of you holding them if you’d like.

Sitting-Age babies  Gummy smiles and rolls of chub!!  Its great to photograph babies when they can sit, but not crawl.  They can’t escape me!   : )  There is no limit on outfit changes…experience tells me you’ll get them in two or three and then naked (if you’d like) with a cute hat or leggings.  Please have them in the first outfit when I arrive.

Sessions are easiest in the comfort of your home (lifestyle photography).  In their room, reading, singing, patty cake, sofa, back yard (weather permitting), etc.  Such a sweet age to capture!

Some helpful tips:

  • Clear drinks and ‘clean’ snacks (crackers, pretzels, puffs) before/during shoot
  • Couple cute outfits to choose from – we will change as often as they’ll allow ; )
  • Cute hats or accessories
  • Boys – khakis and/or jeans – cute with bare chest and tie/bowtie and hat.
  • Any ‘lovey’ or favorite toy/stuffed animal they have that makes them happy

One year olds  These little ones can be hard to photograph, you know they are busy!  But its totally worth the work.  I’m used to chasing them and love every minute, so relax and enjoy.   It is such a milestone age, so it’s important to get some pictures of them.  It is best to photograph them in just one or two outfits, but that depends on your baby. They usually won’t wear hats, but we can try. Just relax and have fun!

Its best to capture them at a park or in your home (lifestyle photography).  Somewhere they’re familiar and comfortable.

Some helpful tips:

  • Couple cute outfits (great to bring things that layer so it looks like different outfits by simply adding another layer or removing one)
  • Cupcake or Smash Cake – perfect ending to our session when they’re attention is gone  : )
  • Cute hats or accessories
  • Boys – khakis and/or  jeans
  • Clear drinks and ‘Clean’ snacks before & during session
  • Favorite toy, stuffed animal or books that makes them happy
  • Games they like to play (duck-duck-goose, sing itsy-bitsy spider)

Children  From littles, to tweens and grown-up teens, time flies and its so important to capture all of the moments along the way!  It looks great to layer clothes with texture on kids.  I love accessories.  Have your child wear clothes that express their styles and personalities.  Colors that compliment their skin tone/eyes.  I’ve found kids are more resistant when they feel pressure from their parents to cooperate.  Please come relaxed and enjoy!

High School Seniors  The last documentation you’ll have of your ‘baby’ before they head off to become an adult!  Session packages apply here too, but if you’d like invitations, rep cards, etc, I am happy to help you with those services above the package pricing.  I love seniors as they have their own style, look and cooperate much better than two year olds.  ; )  Its fun to make the day extra special and have hair/make-up done for the girls in advance.  I have a great stylist if you’re interested in a referral.



Have fun!!

  • Relax and enjoy your session.  I may ask you to help or let you know if I would like some one-on-one time with your child.  Sometimes it’s best to have one person talking to them and gathering their attention.  We want the best photos for you, so we will work together to make it happen!
  • Package price is due at the session.  It can take up to 3 weeks to receive your finished CD.
  • Please NO sick children. It’s not fair to them to expect a good photo shoot. I’m happy to reschedule.
  • If you have a conflict and need to reschedule, please give me (at least) 48 hour advance notice.  Not only for myself, but for my sitter.
  • Laura has the right to use all images she creates for display, brochure, website and advertising purposes. Please request if you would not like your child’s pictures used for any purposes and Laura will respect your wishes.
  • If you would like your pictures done sooner (than 3 weeks) for any reason, there is a $100 rush fee.
  • Please make copies of your images (back them up!) as these are your negatives and Laura only keeps negatives from sessions for 3 months. If you would like a replacement package, there will be a $75 charge. After that, she will have no way to replace your images if they are lost.