My sweet, sweet, baby boy.  I cannot tell you how much I love this kid.  Even at his opinionated, assertive, 2 1/2 year old self…I find myself laughing at him when I want to cry.  I thought he would be willing to sit in my studio for a few photos since I have conveniently trained him to say “cheese” and smile on cue.  I was wrong.  Although I managed to get some cute shots…it took me almost an hour to get these few.  In between him running, trying to take my camera from me or his occassional “oh give hug” request – it was comedy.  I probably could’ve won a funniest video award if someone was shooting us.  He is my hardest subject – yet my (very biased) favorite.  With that said…here is my little Finn.

Finn did GREAT until I put the tie on.  Boy he was not happy with me.  I had to bribe him with m&m’s to distract him.  Then after I gave up and quit taking pictures he played with it on for a good 15 minutes.  Go figure!

He absolutely LOVES the new gas pump prop I got.  But he uses the gas pump as a phone.  Wonder where he learns such strange behavior?  : )

Love this smile.  Love this boy.

Carter’s mom was so wonderfully flexible in bringing him down a little early (so I had some photos to work with Skye) and then they’ll finish up their session next week.  He is adorable.  ABSOLUTELY adorable.  He is such a sweet peanut…weighing in at 14#’s at 6 months.  He wore a pair of Finn’s jeans that were size 0-3 months.  So cute.  Love his yummy eyes.  And wait till you see this tongue…

This is an all time favorite.

  • Grandma Jurewicz - These photos of Carter are adorable. Thanks for sharing them on your website. He is such a beautiful little boy and you have really captured his character. You are very talented!

  • madison - hey aunt loo lol i luvvvv the pics!finn turned out awsome and so did hudson ian and the 2 other cuties!c ya soon!

  • Great Aunt Debbie - Carter is one sweet little guy. I love his little mug, and that little tongue of his!!! These are really great pictures of our newest little man to the family! Thank you for including us who live in Michigan!