So I traveled back to Ohio in July to visit family, friends and some of my loyal clients.  I had limited time and locations, so although some of these are similar…same location…I love how they are each unique to each family.  It was such a treat to see these beautiful people whom I’ve known for years, watched their kids grow and valued their business…but mostly their friendships.  I still have many more to edit…but here are some samplings from the first 5 sessions (of 20) that I did.

Love all of these sweet little people.

Squires Castle…Northeast Ohio

To have friends that are like family…such a blessing.  This crew here, we’ve been friends with for a long time.  Since the last time I lived in Colorado.  Christina was (and now is) my dentist and we became fast friends.  Even after I moved back to Ohio, got married and had kids…we would still see each other at least once a year.  Our kids ended up coming in a row…and are now friends.  And as if that isn’t blessing enough, we are now neighbors, too.  🙂   They generously hosted us countless times in our journey west.  Generosity poured freely and lovingly.

It was my pleasure to take their pictures last fall.  What a gorgeous fall day…and what a beautiful family!  Even had the treat of capturing her mom, from Denmark, who was here visiting.  We love you all!

So fun to see our kids play together…they are a hoot.  : )