Hard to believe I started 10 years ago…self-taught with two backdrops, a decent camera and my basement studio.  Blessed and thankful my business has grown into what it is…and look forward to getting established here in my new community (from Ohio).  I have grown through three cameras since and built a sizable bag full of lenses and tricks.  : )  Love what I do…I’ve met clients that have become friends…some like family.  Getting their responses when I send out their images is the best payday ever…and after losing my dad a couple years ago, I fully know how images are cherished.  They are a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone…

With all that being said, I’m celebrating by offering my Senior Digital Package for just $475!  You receive up to 2 hours with me, wardrobe changes, styling consulting, 40 custom edited images in color and mocha, all delivered in a digital photo album (with printing release) for easy sharing with friends and family.

Please message me to get on my schedule!


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So I traveled back to Ohio in July to visit family, friends and some of my loyal clients.  I had limited time and locations, so although some of these are similar…same location…I love how they are each unique to each family.  It was such a treat to see these beautiful people whom I’ve known for years, watched their kids grow and valued their business…but mostly their friendships.  I still have many more to edit…but here are some samplings from the first 5 sessions (of 20) that I did.

Love all of these sweet little people.

Squires Castle…Northeast Ohio