To have friends that are like family…such a blessing.  This crew here, we’ve been friends with for a long time.  Since the last time I lived in Colorado.  Christina was (and now is) my dentist and we became fast friends.  Even after I moved back to Ohio, got married and had kids…we would still see each other at least once a year.  Our kids ended up coming in a row…and are now friends.  And as if that isn’t blessing enough, we are now neighbors, too.  🙂   They generously hosted us countless times in our journey west.  Generosity poured freely and lovingly.

It was my pleasure to take their pictures last fall.  What a gorgeous fall day…and what a beautiful family!  Even had the treat of capturing her mom, from Denmark, who was here visiting.  We love you all!

So fun to see our kids play together…they are a hoot.  : )

We are finally getting settled.  Our house is built.  We moved….again.  Its a new year, new start, new beginning.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Laura.  🙂  I’ve been a photographer for over 8 years now and recently left many amazing clients in Ohio to pursue our dream of living in Colorado.

Excited to get started here, my friend connected me with the most talented, Jared Anderson’s, wife Megan.  What a gem.  We’ve barely met and I’m sure we’ll be fast friends.  It never fails to amaze me…how God works.  Connections…the master networker, isn’t He?

I was blessed to take their pictures last fall.  Meet the crew.  Introduce my kids….who are totally smitten with these new playmates.

So here is a sampling from their shoot.  If you have not listened to Jared’s music, please take a quick visit over to his site here.  His latest album…Where I am Right Now…is worth every penny!  We listen to it often and my boys are fascinated by his cool mix “Sweet Salvation” with beat boxing.

So I’m ready to kick off!  Ready to dig in…  Ready to meet who God has in store for new clients.  Build a new life.  See where this adventure takes me.

My client base in Ohio was all word of mouth…and I miss them all so much!  Each family became dear to me as I captured their growing babes and precious moments.  I’m sure God will bring more sweet families my way….just like this one!

Colorado….give me a call!  Let’s get you on my books and make some lasting memories!  Larkspur/Monument/Castle Rock/Colorado Springs….you are “Where I am Right Now”! : )