Once again, I’ve gone missing for a bit.  Sorry…

My dad told me Christmas day that he was excited to see our property we bought in CO a few years ago. We had hoped to build there…but I had hesitation to break ground not knowing where his health was heading.  He encouraged me to continue chasing my dreams and said…”I just hope I get well enough to get on a plane so I can see it.  I like construction…even if its under construction, I’d love to see it.”  That was his subtle way of telling me…don’t hold back your dreams for me.  {sniff}  He never did see it.  So with his love in my heart and encouragement ringing in my ears, we dove in and moved forward.

I had hesitation leaving my family after he passed.  We are closer than we have ever been before. But I have seen so many doors open.  So many unexplainable blessings encouraging us.  I have peace that CO is where we’re supposed to be.  So this spring has been a dizzying whirlwind of emotions, commotion and transitions.

All that being said, we have just landed in CO.  The boys and I are in an apartment while the house is being built.  My husband is still working in Ohio and commuting occasionally to see us.  Lots of emotions.  Lots going on.

Needless to say, the last month I was in Ohio I did more than double my normal work load and left without finishing all of my editing.  This is the first of six beautiful and very patient families who have allowed me the grace to get settled before receiving their images.

I’m taking the next three weeks to get settled.  Wrap up my Ohio editing.  Get on our feet, find our way around, make some new friends.  We are missing our friends/clients in Ohio tremendously.  But I have every confidence that this is the next chapter God has for us.  And Dad is with us.  I’m wearing his work jacket and can smell the gas of his tractor as I type this post.  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve witnessed graces that can only come from above…and I often think, he’s praying for us.  He may not be seeing our property with us, but I know he is seeing it from heaven.

Once the boys start school I’ll be revamping the business, changing things up a bit and relaunching….in Colorado.  Happy to serve the Colorado Springs, Castle Rock and Parker areas.  And everywhere in between. : )

We plan to visit Ohio every summer as our family is still there.  And while I’m visiting I will still work a few days…so those loyal clients of mine need not worry.  You’re on my list. : ) I am not, unfortunately, taking any new clients in Ohio at this time.

Thank you, everyone, for the amazing start to my career in Ohio!  What memories!  I feel so incredibly blessed to do what I love and look forward to seeing what God has in store for this business out west!

Hope you enjoy the images of this darling family.



Its been a while.  There’s good reason. My dad passed on 12/28.  It was sudden and mostly unexpected.  Needless to say, my work is intricately tied to my heart.  Thus its been a slow start to 2015.

But families like this one bring healing.  New life. Abundance of love.  Hope. Promise.

Life is so short and sweet. I’m beyond blessed to do what I love and glad to be back.  I missed this creative outlet.  My dad loved photography, too.  Quiet the photographer himself, actually.  Having this career makes me feel closer to him.  To see the beauty in life.  The beauty in love.  The beauty in the new, the passing, and the in between.

Hope you enjoy these images.  What a little love.  And his big sister, well, I could’ve just brought her home! : )