The MOST wonderful time of the year. : ))  Hope you had a restful weekend…I am still full from Thanksgiving. : )  I’ve known this family for a long time…so blessed to call them clients and friends.  Its so fun to watch their kids grow…hard to believe Gemma is getting so big!  This time they included Kevin’s family…his sister was in from out of town.  They did an AMAZING job of styling this shoot…they always do.  They even got some sunshine!

Hope your Christmas festivities are beginning.  We start our advent calendars and countdowns today.  Our decorations are up.  Tree is trimmed.  I’m excited. : ))  There is so much to be thankful for…so much to celebrate.  Like all these little blessings in our lives….aren’t their kids the cutest!?

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!  I have so much to be thankful for…and am truly humbled by the blessings I have.  A special thanks to all my clients this year.  Its been an amazing year and I am so grateful for each and every one of you. : )

Thankful for my friends and family, too.  The older I get, the more I realize I was born into one awesome family.  I have a huge family….and amazingly most of us are close even at extended levels.  Losing one of my dearest aunts this fall was another reminder….as we all gathered to celebrate her life…how blessed I am.  Not only for my immediate family, but for my extended family.  Life is short and unexpected….so enjoy your families.  Tomorrow, the next day….every chance you get.

These little guys below have made my life so full.  There is a balance to parenting and I would never want to smother my kids. With that said, I can truly say that I look forward to being with them every morning and every day after school.  Especially on the weekends.  They are good kids….and that came from above.  Certainly did not come from me!  ; ) I am far from being a pro-parent on any level.  I do not deserve their sweet selves.  But I am honored to be their mom.  I treasure them as the gifts they are from heaven.  I do everything I can do pour goodness into them (in between them driving me nuts ; )).

My husband has been working crazy hours.  We’ve barely seen him since Halloween.  Tomorrow he’s off all day.  We’re excited.  : )  So instead of running anywhere, we are staying home.  We are burning a fire.  We are snuggling, watching movies, eating well and soaking in the blessings before us. Our neighbors have become like family to us over the years and they are graciously having us over for dinner.  A quick & simple jaunt across the lawn. : )  This weekend….we’ll catch up with our extended family (as daddy is back off to work).  But for tomorrow, I am so thankful and blessed to just be home with these guys.

A special thank you to those who serve for our country.  To those who tend to the ill on the holidays.  To those who protect our cities and neighborhoods.  To those who fight fires and rescue us.  To those who sacrifice their family time for us in any way….thank you.  And thankful for our freedom in faith….as God’s blessed us all so much.  May we all honor him with prayers of thanksgiving tomorrow, and every day.

Last, for those who are alone or hurting tomorrow….we will be praying for you.  Life is full of challenges and unanswered questions….but there is always a silver lining.  May you find comfort in God’s promises and peace tomorrow.

My wishes to everyone for a relaxing, wonderful and delicious Thanksgiving!!  xoxo ~ Laura