Pretty safe to say I have baby fever.  Too many sweeties in my studio recently!  This little guy was such an angel.  Little pumpkin stole my heart!  Hope you’re having a wonderful fall.  Hard to believe we’re in November already.  I haven’t even thought about Christmas. You?  Oy vey.

Often times, there are a lot of these…..

Before I get any of these…

And sometimes we just roll with it….and capture exactly what life is with newborns and toddlers….a beautiful mess.  ; )

The leaves are almost off the trees….the colors are still lingering.  Life is full, busy and wonderful.  I am so thankful to do this for families. I LOVE looking at the images after a session, choosing the best ones that show their personalities, their best smiles, their intimate memories…captured, forever…in a frame.  I was looking through old photos the other night in search of something and found myself lingering through a little longer than I had time to…  There is something so magical about photos.  They grip you.  They take you to that place.  Suddenly you can hear the laughter, smell the babies freshly bathed neck, feel the emotion.  It is amazing.  And I absolutely love, and am humbled, that I get to do this for families.

I have so many more images to share.  Hopefully this winter while its cold and calm.  But for now….its a race.  And I am loving the ride.

Enjoy this sweet family…they are so fun and funny.  Couldn’t be any cuter, either!  Beautiful from the inside, out.