Fall is the BUSIEST time of year for me.  No matter how hard I try to structure my schedule, weather, school, life gets in the way and it ends up being wild.  I’ve learned to embrace the ride and go with it.  Not that I always do that with grace…  ; )

Fields of flowers, vests, scarves, and warm blankets…I love this time of year.  This darling family did a great job of embracing fall.  Mom had them all dressed so cute!!  Especially the little farmers hat.  🙂

The boys kept me on my toes…but honestly, isn’t that how you want to remember your kids?  Just as they are?  One day they’ll sit still and smile perfectly, almost awkwardly…and all you’ll want is for them to loosen up and run around like a child again.  I love when I get to capture families in the beautiful chaos of life.  They have an abundance of love…that shines through in every image.  And THAT is what life is all about. ; )

Lately…its been a very full and wild life.  I am so thankful for my family and the amazing people I am blessed to called clients.  I need to spend more time here.  Its so much easier to dump photos on my Facebook page, but this has a beauty and peace all of its own.  Blogging is therapeutic for me.  Both in writing and in reading others.

With that said.  I hope you have had a successful kick-off to your fall.  School starting, schedules building, sports performing.  Its a great time of  year.  And the only time of year that I really love the Ohio weather.  So grateful to be outside enjoying it, doing what I love.

Here are a few from a recent mini session evening.  Happy weekend!  Enjoy browsing through all the love in these images.  Be inspired and go spread some love yourself! : )